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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Are you taking any precautions due to COVID-19?




We are opening in phases and as of right now, we are appointment only!

We are limiting the amount of people in the studio for now- no more than 6 at a time.

Besides enforcing wearing a mask (both clients and artists), we are checking temperature before entering our studio, providing disposable masks,  increased the separation between our stations to follow the 6' distancing when possible, and placed sanitizers throughout the studio for everyone to use. We also strongly encourage everyone to wash hands frequently.

NO EXTRA GUEST ARE ALLOWED- only the client getting tattooed.

If a client begins to show symptoms, tests positive, or is exposed to COVID-19 at any point before their scheduled appointment date, we will gladly reschedule with no penalties.

We use a very strong medical-grade cleaner to disinfect surfaces, non-disposable equipment, and other items in the tattoo procedure area, including any furniture used during process. This is done before and after each tattoo procedure, as well as during if needed.

Cleaning of the entire tattoo shop is conducted morning, night, and throughout the day to ensure cleanliness of all areas of the tattoo shop.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located on W. Pico Blvd, just one block east of Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles.

How do I book an appointment?

Please visit the "Book Online" tab above to book a consultation or appointment. If you are unable to use the website booking system, please call us!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major forms of payment, but are in the process of switching to CASH ONLY.

PLEASE BRING CASH IF POSSIBLE, if not, we also have the nearest ATM's address available upon request.

EXTRA FEE ON THE FOLLOWING TRANSACTIONS:  PayPal and major credit cards.   

Do I have to make a deposit?


A non-refundable $100-$500 deposit is required to book an appointment. The deposit goes towards your payment/ balance for the tattoo itself.

More than one request to alter or redraw a custom tattoo design will require an additional deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: any additional deposit made for any project are NON-REFUNDABLE!

You lost your deposit if :

  • you cancel or reschedule your appointment under 48 hours before the session

  • it’s your second cancellation

  • you haven’t contacted us to make arrangements 

  • the period is more than 2 months from the time the deposit was left and you haven’t contacted us  to make arrangements to continue the process of receiving the tattoo.

What are your rates?

  • For bigger tattoos - our current hourly pricing is based on overall design, placement on the body and time it will take to finish your tattoo ($150- $450 ). We can tell you the approximate cost upon request.

  • For smaller tattoos - the shop minimum is $150-$300 (depending on the artist).  We can also give you fixed price.

  • Touch ups are usually free, but some will require a supply fee (usually $30).

How does getting a tattoo from Black Tower work?

  • You should fill out the form on this website, following all the directions

  • You will receive an email where we will discuss in more detail your tattoo.

  • You will be notified if an in-person consult is needed

  • A $50-$500 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your spot.

Will I be able to see my tattoo design before my tattoo date?

Cesar usually sends finished tattoo designs with the possibility of adjustments 1-2 days before an appointment.

Other artists may send your design upon request, depending on the artist.

How should I prepare for my appointment/ how long will it take?

On the day of your appointment you should arrive on time, well rested, and on a full stomach. Don’t drink coffee, alcohol, or energy drinks. Don’t use any numbing pills, creams, or gels, and make sure you don’t apply any lotion on the area to be tattooed the day of! 
During your session, you will have a few breaks, so if you would like to bring a snack or food you can.

Will I get healing instructions for my new tattoo?

Yes you will; you will get detailed instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo. You may receive a healing kit upon request, which contains:  soap, ointment, and after care instructions.

Should I send a picture of my healed tattoo?

Yes, please!  Be sure to send photos of healed tattoos. It helps the artists to see how their work has healed.

Additionally, uploading a picture WITH a review to Yelp or Google helps the shop a lot!

Can I bring a guest?

Due to COVID-19, guests are typically not allowed. Please call ahead and ask if you still need your guest with you for any reason, and we will try out best to accommodate  (while still following COVID precautions).

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