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Meet our Artists

Passionate and Professional

We’re inspired by the people, the culture, and the fiber of Los Angeles. That’s where our artists call home. Our approach to needlework is traditional with a modern edge, which leaves plenty of room for individual interpretation and creativity. Come into the shop and let us help you turn your dreams into reality.

Cesar Cruz - Owner Black Tower Tattoo Studio Los Angeles California

Cesar C - Owner

A true love for art

As long as I can remember I have been involved in art, design and engineering. By training in these different mediums I acquired a great knowledge of skills this includes project concept, organization and attention to detail. that transferred to my original and unique


Specialty - Realism and non-realism, fine Line work, shading, Color ,geometry, illustrative, stippling, blackwork, Watercolor and black and grey.

**Vegan Ink**



Our Next Masterpiece

Zee has technique and passion beyond measure.

Specialty -single needle, fine line script, sacred geometry, blackout work.



Versatile and accuracy

Richard has the vision and skills to tackle different styles with precision.

Specialty -Black and grey realism, line-work, 

script and illustrative color.



  Unique and 


has the talent, the eye for detail and the touch for a one of a kind piece.

Specialty -Black ink only, line-work, 

script and illustrative.

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Personality and experience in different styles makes him a one of a kind artist.

Specialty : 

Anime, black and grey realism , traditional, simple script, floral, color, fine line /bold line and illustrative work.

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