Cesar Cruz - Owner

A true passion for art.

As long as I can remember, I have been involved in art, design and engineering. By constantly challenging myself in these different mediums I acquired a great knowledge of skills that transferred to my process of tattooing. 

After several years of renting chairs, I finally had the experience to work from my own studio known as "Fiction Tower". As my clientele grew, the fiction became a reality and I was in need of a much larger facility.

And so, Black Tower Tattoo Studio was born in the heart of our civilization, Los Angeles. 

I am always open to work with any client on whatever their idea entails, but my preferred body of work includes: Realism

and non-realism, Line work, Whip shading, Color ,Watercolor and black and grey.

*Vegan ink*

Furthermore only I  single-use disposable materials, such as single use high quality needles and Vegan Inks!

I invite you to my tattoo studio, the most unique museum/medieval style tattoo Studio in Los Angeles where i'll be more than happy to help you with your tattoo design and to make the whole process of tattooing professional, clean and enjoyable.



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